Fruitful participation at the INFATS 2018 forum

On November 15th-16th, the international forum of automotive traffic safety, called INFATS 2018, was held in Chongqing, China.

ERNST, together with its partner HST, took the opportunity to inform the interested guests about the current status and the upcoming development in the sector of the passive safety industry.

We are glad, that many customers and interested parties took their time to visit us at our booth to be guided through our wide range of products.

The business of ERNST in China is expanding very fast. Our customers appreciate our flexibility, the knowledge and the service we deliver.

To further meet this continuously rising demand, ERNST has strengthened its representation in China: Together with Hangzhou Shebo Technology, the course for the future is set. Henry Han, co-founder of HST, has more than 12 years of experience in the vehicle safety industry as well as a deep knowledge in the mechanical manufacturing where ERNST is the only company who still has an inhouse production. 

Welcome Henry to our Team!

On April 17th, EURO-NCAP updated the draft protocol for the upcoming MPDB test. 

For the mobile barrier, the technical parameters remain unchanged, for which reason ERNST has already received orders for this new barrier type and has begun production.

It is also possible to retrofit your existing ERNST mobile barriers, like AE-MDB, ECE-R95, ECE-R34, RCAR or FMVSS 208, at any time with a special retrofit kit.

We also offer to examine your available mobile barriers to assess whether a retrofit is possible. This conversion, as well as the associated calibration works, can be carried out at the customer's site, to minimize the downtime in the crash lab.

The integration of load cells or dummy load cells for a later retrofit is also easily possible.

Please feel free to contact us, we will certainly find a tailor-made solution for your individual case!

On August 1st-2nd, the Automotive Safety Summit, formerly known as Safety Testing, will be held at the Kerry Hotel in Pudong, Shanghai, China. This year the expo expands the scope of the event to all aspects of automotive safety.

Take this opportunity to visit us at our booth and have a look at our newest products. For a free entry ticket, please send us an email to

We are looking forward to welcoming you.

Die Advanced Car Technology Systems GmbH & Co. KG (ACTS) in Sailauf hat vergangenen November verschiedenen Produkte von ERNST bestellt, welche bereits diesen März in Betrieb genommen werden konnten.

Zuerst wurde ein neuer Flying Floor installiert. Ziel der Neubeschaffung war es, Crashversuche in kürzester Zeit durchführen zu können, u.a. mit der Verwendung von hydraulischen Dämpfern. Kundenspezifische Anpassungen an die vorhandene Lagervorrichtung sowie ein großes Filmfenster runden die Bedienbarkeit ab.

Weiterhin werden bei ACTS ab sofort Crashversuche nach dem neuesten NHTSA-Standard durchgeführt, mit Hilfe der Mobilen Small Overlap Barriere aus dem Hause ERNST. Hierfür wurde das vorhandene Interface der aktuellen Anlagensteuerung problemlos an die Software von ERNST angepasst, sodass bereits nach wenigen Stunden mit weiteren Testversuchen fortgefahren werde konnte.

ERNST bedankt sich für die gute und vertrauensvolle Zusammenarbeit mit ACTS und freut sich auch zukünftig mit seinen Lösungen ein verlässlicher Partner sein zu können. 

In close collaboration with its customers, ERNST is increasingly developing customer-specific concepts in the field of rollover tests.
While the FMVSS 208 Rollover, which is regulated by law, still largely defines the design framework, more versatile variants are possible for further tests.
Whether it is the Embankment Rollover, Corskscrew, Soilstrip, Curb Trip or the Sand Pit Rollover: ERNST has already implemented many mature concepts and can offer you a tailor-made solution for your specific test situation. 

In April, ERNST will participate, together with its local representative OEM Technological Instruments, in the Automotive Testing Expo in Chennai.

The main goal is very clear: Presenting a wide range of crash system equipment, developed and produced from one source according to the newest regulations to the Indian market. 

We are looking forward to welcome you on our booth No.2018. 

In September, ERNST delivered its 100th mobile barrier.

The anniversary barrier, used to conduct tests according to Euro NCAP „Advanced European Mobile Deformable Barrier” regulations, was delivered to one of our long-standing customers „Pan Asia Technical Automotive Center Co., Ltd.“ (PATAC) based in Pudong, Shanghai.

Again, a custom solution was chosen, which was developed based on our broad standard portfolio of mobile barriers.

By integrating a radio-controlled emergency braking system, the usage of a trailing cable could be dispensed and as a result the set-up time of the test could be optimized.

We are very proud that we were able to give these products a worldwide reputation and we are pleased about the trust that our customers place in us within the vehicle safety industry.

For more than 10 years ERNST delivers its crash systems to the People's Republic of China.

It makes us proud to see that through the continuous improvement and development of the testing standards, the quality of Chinese automobiles enjoys a permanent improvement.

Qoros 3 is the first car of Chinese development which has now received a five star rating in the EuroNCAP crash test, tested with mobile barriers from ERNST

ERNST has enlarged its product portfolio with this rare kind of mobile barrier. The massive built barrier is used to carry out tests for frontal impacts with small overlap/oblique.

Quality as usual of ERNST:

The barrier is equipped with the established ERNST emergency braking system.

The front shield is adjustable and all necessary calibration work is already done in our facilities to assure a ready-for-testing barrier to our customers.

Any further questions? Feel free to ask.

From now on Beijing Autotech Corp. with its CEO Mr. Lan Minguo is representing the ERNST company in the People’s Republic. The company is a highly qualified partner in the Chinese market and has extensive know-how and many years of experience in the crash system business. The contact between the companies already exists since many years and now both parties made it official. 

And how could a partnership like that be more significant than in front of the Great Wall.

ERNST has for the first time received an order from Brazil for the manufacturing and installation of its crash components. Volkswagen do Brazil received several products of the comprehensive portfolio of ERNST which were commissioned and ready to use on-site.

The construction is now one of the most highly developed overall systems in South America.

We would like to highlight particularly the great cooperation which has taken place during the entire project process from both sides. Obrigado VWB !