ERNST - Crashsysteme - Feste Barrierien

Fixed barriers

ERNST offers a wide assortment of fixed barriers in order to conduct standard and special tests. These are primarily characterized by their stiffness, which guarantees a high standard of quality. Increased efficiency is our customers' number one priority. ERNST delivers the appropriate equipment for the automation of your block stems. Our products can be integrated into your crash walls at any time.

The small overlap barrier is used to test the vehicle structure according to test regulation Small Overlap IIHS.

The steel structure is designed for a crash load up to 2000 kN. This barrier can be attached to a mobile crash block, a crash wall or, as a special feature, to ground anchors, as well. Depending on the model, the barrier consists of up to four parts: The impact surface with a force distribution zone, an adapter piece, and, for the attachment to ground anchors, an additional adjustable frame and a ground plate. The length of the adapter piece can be adjusted according to customer specifications. When attached to ground anchors, the entire structure can be moved perpendicular to the direction of travel by means of a hand wheel, in order to adjust the degree of overlap. Through the special design, any unwanted contact between the vehicle and structures not involved in the test, e.g., a crash wall, can be avoided. All individual parts contain suspension and attachment points for the transport by crane or fork lift.

The crash pole enables the conducting of pole tests for the passenger safety in the vehicle according to Euro-NCAP, USNCAP, KNCAP, ANCAP and IIHS. The dimensions of the pole are adjusted according to customer specifications and the pole can easily be exchanged. It is directly screwed to an existing crash block and is normally used in combination with a flying floor.

The pole can also be equipped with a force measuring device, which can be subsequently installed at any time.

The 30 degree wedge is used to conduct tests according to test regulation FMVSS 208 and is attached to a crash wall. The symmetrical design allows testing of both sides. The long holes in this barrier enable a stepless height adjustment. The barrier is completely assembled and is covered with 19 mm thick plywood plates on the side of impact. The welded steel construction may be painted upon the customers' request.

This barrier is designed for tests according to ECE R94, guideline 96/79 / EG, EEVC WG 11, Euro NCAP, KNCAP, ANCAP and IIHS regulations.

It enables the conducting of vehicle tests for the protection of passengers with varying degrees of overlap. The barrier can be attached directly to the existing crash block, without the use of an adapter plate. For this purpose, the barrier is adapted to the block according to customer specifications.

The fixed barrier is constructed of welded steel segments, completely assembled and equipped with all required attachment holes. It may be painted according to customer specifications.

Diese Barriere ist für den RCAR 10° Frontalaufprall konzipiert und dient zur Durchführung von Tests um die Fahrzeugstruktur nach einem 15 km/h Aufprall auf die Barriere, mit 40% Überlappung, beurteilen zu können.

Die Barriere kann direkt an den vorhandenen Crashblock, ohne Adapterplatte, angebaut werden. Diese Adaption erfolgt rein kundenspezifisch.

Die massive Struktur wird aus Stahlsegmenten geschweißt, komplett montiert und mit allen notwendigen Befestigungslöchern versehen. Eine beidseitige Verwendung ist durch die spiegelbildliche Bauweise jederzeit möglich.