ERNST - Crashsysteme - Rollover


ERNST delivers a complete selection of test stands for rollover tests, from static rollover to corkscrew test scenarios.

The rollover platform is used to conduct lateral rollovers, according to test regulation FMVSS 208. With the pivoting platform the vehicle can be easily set up and brought into the proper drop position. The basic frame has a modular construction and can thus be adjusted to the various deceleration systems. This makes it possible to continue using an existing delay system. Due to its large tires, the tripper carriage can be employed on a large variety of surface conditions. The adjustments to the existing pulling system occur according to customer specifications.

The static rollover is used to test the tightness of the vehicle's fuel tank system following a rear-end collision, according to test regulations FMVSS 301 and 208. The test stand is set up on wheels, but it can be fixed and aligned for operation. The alignment is achieved by means of an incorporated cross level. The static rollover convinces through its compact design. The collection trays for leaking liquids are easily accessible. It is operated with an electric gear motor. The test stand can be freely programmed with the aid of an operating panel.

Technical data (standard size, can be customized)


  • Adjustable angle from 30° to 55°, divided into 2,5° steps
  • Modular construction, adaptable in length after customer’s request
  • 20° angle of collision between sled and ramp
  • Edge cracking by using individual adaption parts
  • Maximum impact speed: 35 kph
  • For the breaking system buckling tubes are used
  • Easy-entry of the test vehicle by using further adaption parts
  • The height adjustment is done by a comfortable electrical adjustment device
  • The whole embankment system can be designed and produced in reference to your existing sled system

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