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Media couplings

Our media couplings enable the fast and leak-free coupling of liquid and gaseous media. All of our media couplings are self-sealing couplings. In the uncoupled state, the passage is blocked both in the coupling element and in the nipple element.

We design and manufacture test stands for the testing of transmissions, all-wheel drives, rear axle differentials and clutches.

Naturally, these test systems can be optimally combined with the quick exchange technologies HS/VS.

An additional option is the choice of design for operation via e-machine or internal combustion engine - depending on your individual needs. Modern CAD systems in combination with FEM calculation software for stiffness, strength, vibration behavior and low inertia enable us to find the best solution for your application.

Possible features:

  • Electro-mechanical adjustment in several directions
  • Motorized or manual slope adjustment
  • Fail-safe clamping in all axles
  • Special bearings and lubrication systems for high-speed drives
  • Adaptable shaft trains for various superstructures
  • Minimum-vibration superstructures in super- or subcritical design
  • Transmission gearing for high rotational speeds and torque
  • angular gear