ERNST - Statische Prüfstände - Kombinierte Drückanlage

Combined compression systems

For testing the roof structure according to test regulation FMVSS 216 and lateral crushing according to FMVSS 214s. Due to its stiff and open design, the test stand can be permanently erected on a stretching field or on a hall floor with appropriate dimensions.

Due to the open design, the test stand allows optimal access to the test specimen. The test stand's open design also offers additional advantages, e.g., no restriction of the vehicle's length and width, simple set-up with a fork lift or an indoor crane, and optimal possibilities for media-based documentation. The system can easily be moved via a mobile control element in all four axles. The mobile control element is available in a wireless or a cable version. The pressure plate has a stroke of 1000 mm and can be adjusted continuously between 0 and 15 mm/s. All axles can be adjusted electro-mechanically through precision drives.