ERNST - Statische Prüfstände - Sitzprüfeinrichtungen

Seat testing installations

Our static seat testing installation enables tests according to ECE R17, 21, 44, FMVSS 207, EG 74/60 , 74/408 and is employed to verify the stiffness of vehicle seats. 

It contains a pivot at the seat's "H point" with an integrated angle measuring system. The two axles are driven electro-mechanically. The testing force for the back rest is always applied precisely perpendicular to the steering. The height of the test cylinder for the head rest can be adjusted through a spindle with a displacement measuring system. A laser integrated in the head pressure unit significantly simplifies the alignment. According to customer specifications, the seat testing installation can be integrated in an existing testing portal, or testing can be done with a complete system that is able to position the test unit as needed. In addition, these system may also consist of several test units in parallel, e.g., in order to test an entire row of seats.