Electrical barrier positioning system

ERNST’s innovative barrier positioning system allows for a very simple, ergonomic and efficient preparation of your desired test scenario.

The system can be attached to almost any existing crash wall or crash block, allowing for cost-effective and short-term upgrades, even of very old systems.
The electrical adjustment, along both the Y and X axes, allows for extremely accurate setting of the desired test position.

Our customers’ existing barriers can also be easily integrated into the overall system by simply adding the required adaptation parts that connect the barrier to the adjustment mechanism.

All adjustment paths can be individually adjusted to each crash wall according to customer specifications.

With the associated software, all tests can be individually programmed to initiate an automatic movement to the desired test position. Manual moving is equally possible at any time.

Our in-house manufacturing allows us to build your crash wall exactly to your specifications, so that both existing rigid walls and mobile crash blocks can be made more flexible and ergonomic for the operator with a new crash wall.

Our experienced test engineers, together with the customer, are happy to analyze the possibilities and make a customized recommendation.


  • Lifting force of adjustment mechanism: 10000 kg
  • Transverse force of adjustment mechanism: 9000 kg
  • Dimensions of the crash wall entirely according to customer requirements
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