FMVSS 208 mobile barrier

Mobile barrier according to the current FMVSS 208 test protocol.
To avoid a second impact, the ERNST emergency braking system is mounted on each mobile barrier and effective on all wheels.


Mobile barrier - EURO- FMVSS 208 drawing


  • Brake lines are completely integrated into the frame to avoid damage during testing or handling
  • Calibrated and certified center of gravity
  • Individual adaptation in any propulsion system
  • Height-adjustable front shield
  • Threaded holes throughout, on top and bottom of frame, to allow use of customer-specific equipment at any time
  • Center marking for easy alignment with the propulsion system


Mobile barrier - integrated brake line

Integrated brake line

Mobile barrier - propulsion system adaptation

Adaptation to propulsion system

Mobile barrier - center marking

Center marking

ERNST Contact Crash systems

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