Mobile barriers

ERNST mobile barriers are fully perfected to meet legal requirements and valid testing protocols. These specifications are binding, but leave enormous leeway to make the product as user-friendly as possible for the operator.

At ERNST, we have made it our mission to exploit precisely this potential to the greatest possible extent.

Our mobile barriers are thought out down to the smallest detail and create immense added value for the operator during regular use.

Thanks to our in-house production, we can individually respond to every customer request.

To better capture the variety of different mobile barriers, we divided the majority into two categories: US and EURO.

These categories essentially describe the frame of the mobile barrier or its basic structure, referring to wheelbase and track width.

EURO barriers

In the EURO barriers, the frame structure is generally based on a wheelbase of 3000 mm and a track width of 1500 mm.

Mobile EURO barriers
Mobile US barriers

US barriers

In the US barriers, the frame structure is generally based on a wheelbase of 2591 mm and a track width of 1880 mm.

Small Overlap Oblique

Mobile barrier in accordance with current NHTSA regulations.

small overlap oblique barrier

Rope brake

When mass and speed collide, enormous physical forces are generated that must be deflected. In order to perform a crash test safely for all participants in the test facility, safe braking of the test object is required.