Small overlap

The small overlap barrier is used to test the vehicle structure according to the Small Overlap IIHS test regulation. The steel structure is designed for a crash load up to 2000 kN.

Depending on the test situation, the barrier can be bolted directly to an existing crash block or crash wall or attached to the hall floor with ground anchors at the customer’s request.

Depending on the model, the barrier consists of up to four parts:

The impact surface with a force distribution zone, an adapter piece, and, for the attachment to ground anchors, an additional adjustable frame and a base plate.

The length of the adapter piece can be adjusted according to customer specifications. When attached to ground anchors, the entire structure can be moved perpendicular to the direction of travel by means of a hand wheel, in order to adjust the degree of overlap.

Through the special design, any unwanted contact between the vehicle and structures not involved in the test, e.g., a crash wall, can be avoided.

All individual parts contain suspension and attachment points for the transport by crane or fork lift.

Likewise, the small overlap barrier can be equipped with load cells, which can also be implemented subsequently at any time by integrating individual dummy-loadcells by ERNST at the beginning.


  • Customer-specific special requests can be implemented at any time
  • Designed and manufactured for overload testing
  • Integrated lifting points for easy and safe handling
  • Unlimited integration with existing customer equipment
  • All installation surfaces mechanically machined plane-parallel for highest precision
  • Production of the ground anchors by ERNST or integration of the system to already existing ground anchors at the customer’s site
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