Lighting systems

ERNST’s LED lighting system is the perfect solution when it comes to illuminating a vehicle or sled test while it is being filmed. The user-friendly operating system enables uncomplicated, quick-to-learn control, which can be wireless or wired.

The flagships in this segment are our two systems, each with 2000 W and 3000 W output, respectively.

Our experienced test engineers analyze the situation at our customers’ premises, followed by a customized recommendation for the ideal overall system based on a meaningful lighting simulation.


  • Flicker-free and dimmable
  • High-quality processing
  • Extremely long service life (> 50000 operating hours)
  • No warm-up phase
  • Handy and flexible to use
  • Low maintenance


Lighting systems - single-controller


Lighting systems - multi-controller


Lighting systems - film pit lighting

Film pit lighting

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