FMVSS 208 Rollover

The rollover platform is used to conduct lateral rollovers, according to test regulation FMVSS 208. With the pivoting platform the vehicle can be easily set up and brought into the proper drop position.

The basic frame has a modular construction and can thus be adjusted to the various deceleration systems.

This makes it possible to continue using an existing deceleration system. Due to its large tires, the tripper carriage can be employed on a large variety of surface conditions.

The adjustments to the existing propulsion system occur according to customer specifications.


Rollover equipment - FMVSS 208 drawing


  • Guide system for precise start-up behavior
  • Adjustable from 0 degrees to 25 degrees
  • Suitable for test vehicles with a total weight of up to 3500 kg


Front view

Sand bed rollover configuration

Vehicle fixation

Curb trip configuration

ERNST Contact Crash systems

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