Seat test bed

A seat test bed is used to perform static load tests on the vehicle seat and is specially designed for material testing of seats or head restraints.

Seat testing is carried out in accordance with the relevant standards, including FIA Standard 8855-2021, FIA Standard 8862-2009, UN ECE 17, R25, FMVSS 202 as well as GB 15083-2006, but can also be used for customer-specific tests. Mechanical adjustments and corresponding, freely definable software parameters are possible.

The test stand includes several electric cylinders. Each cylinder is equipped with a load cell and a linear displacement sensor and is driven by an electric motor.

The administration of the test definitions with parameters, display screens and editors, authorization system, monitoring and measurement data takes place in the associated automation system.

Before starting the test, all necessary test parameters can be set. The load curve (force, moment vs. time) can be carried out in parallel on up to three electric cylinders.

After starting the test, the electric cylinders are automatically controlled by a software algorithm that includes a closed control loop between the inverter and the measured force/displacement.

The test bed is characterized by its stable design and configured for testing seats with floor mounting or floor and seat-back mounting.



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