B-side support

The B-side support was originally developed in the course of a specific application to reduce the vibration velocities occurring on the DUT. The additional support is particularly helpful with a protruding DUT housing, which is only fixed to the test bed at the front flange.

In this case, there is a danger that the first natural frequency of the rigid body system will shift down so far that it is within the speed range.

Under certain circumstances, this can lead to shutdown or even damage to the test bed and the DUT.   

On the one hand, the design dampens the vibrations that occur by means of the adjustable damping elements; on the other hand, the additional support stiffens the rigid body system.



  • Frame construction with natural frequency over speed range
  • Horizontal and vertical damping effect due to 90 degree arrangement
  • Dampers available in different levels of Shore hardness
  • Damper preload adjustable via spindle
  • Two-part adaptation for quick retrofitting
  • Individual design, according to the application

Product examples

Support 30,000 1/min + mechanical increase for 20,000 1/min

B-side support 30000 rpm + shaft height adapter for 20000 rpm

Technical data:

  • Shaft height: 250 mm | adapter incl. 370 mm
  • Speed range: up to 30000 rpm | adapter incl. 20000 rpm
  • Weight: 120 kg
Support 20,000 1/min

B-side support 20000 rpm

Technical data:

  • Shaft height: 370 mm
  • Speed range: up to 20000 rpm
  • Weight: 150 kg
  • Surface: galvanized (climate operation)
Support 25,000 1/min

B-side support 25000 rpm

Technical data:

  • Shaft height: 350 mm
  • Speed range: up to 25000 rpm
  • Weight: 80 kg
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