Embankment rollover

The overall design of the embankment rollover is completely based on the needs of our customers as well as the potential of the current test situation on site. Our experienced test engineers, together with the customer, analyze the possibilities and make a customized recommendation.

A special thick layer is used for the ramp surface, which enables a coefficient of friction of 0.9.

Due to the modular design, the entire system can be set up and prepared for testing by just two people in under four hours.

A wide variety of adjustable embankment elements allow an adjustable range of 30-55 degrees in 2.5 degree increments, so that even very low sports cars can be stimulated to roll over.

The test vehicle can be moved into the startup slide in a user-friendly manner by means of the electric height adjustment and then brought to the test height.


  • Test speed of 35 kph with a vehicle weight of 4000 kg
  • 15 degree collision angle between slide and approach ramp
  • Max. impact speed: 50 kph
  • Integration of the braking system into the existing infrastructure


Embankment rollover - adaptation of angle adjustment

Individual adaptation parts for angle adjustment

Embankment rollover - electrical height adjustment

Electrical height adjustment

Embankment rollover - buckling tube brake

Buckling tube brake with hold-down clamp

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