30° wedge

The 30 degree wedge is used to perform tests in accordance with the FMVSS 208 test specification.
Due to the symmetrical design, the wedge can be used for test scenarios on both sides. The integrated long holes enable a continuous height adjustment.

19 mm thick plywood panels are screwed on the impact surfaces, which can be easily replaced. The barrier is equipped with such a long impact surface (approx. 4500 mm) to ensure that the test vehicle slides along the 30 degree wedge and any contact with the crash block or crash wall can be excluded.

30-degree wedge


  • Customer-specific special requests can be implemented at any time
  • Level, closed surface to allow easy cleaning after testing
  • Integrated lifting points for easy and safe handling
  • Unlimited integration with existing customer equipment
  • All installation surfaces mechanically machined plane-parallel for highest precision
ERNST Contact Crash systems

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