Static rollover

The static rollover is used to check the test vehicle for leaking fluids from the battery or fuel tank after the crash and to document the amount.

The overall structure of the rollover is based on the legal regulations, but leaves a lot of room for customer-specific features.

The test bed is mounted on wheels, but can be fixed and aligned for operation. The alignment is done by means of an integrated spirit level.

The system can be freely programmed by means of the control panel. Continuous movement in both directions is possible with an individual rotational speed.

The test vehicle is fixed in place with an integrated quick-release mechanism, ensuring occupational safety throughout the entire test. For user-friendly insertion of the test vehicle, the pick-up platform is height-adjustable.


  • Test vehicles up to a total weight of 5000kg and a total length of 7000mm
  • Ergonomic set-up of the test vehicle at a height of 1300 mm
  • Max. rotational speed: 9 degrees/s (case of accident), continuously adjustable down to 0°/s.
  • The system can be brought into a safe starting position within 20 seconds.
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