RCAR Bumper

The RCAR Bumper is used to perform low-speed crash tests at up to 10 kph impact speed and simulates vehicle damages in the front and rear areas.

Bumpers are often the first part of the vehicle to absorb impact in a collision. Bumper repairs can therefore quickly skyrocket, depending on the design. Therefore, low-speed crash tests are common to develop effective bumper systems as well as to reduce insurance costs.

The RCAR Bumper is a rigid, bumper-shaped barrier with an energy-absorbing material and a cover. This is mounted to an immovable surface and impacted by test vehicles.

The deformable energy-absorbing element encourages designs that remain stable when impacting deformable material, like another vehicle’s bumper system. It also features a solid rear “backstop” that can replicate real world damage severities where underride occurs.

The welded steel construction is stress-relieved, sandblasted, primed, machined and coated according to customer requirements. All attachments have integrated lifting possibilities for overhead crane or forklift for easy and safe handling. The barrier has a flat, sealed surface to ensure easy cleaning after the test.


  • Stress-relieved
  • Sandblasted and primed
  • Customized paint color
  • Integrated eyelets for overhead crane or forklift
  • Integration of (Dummy) load cells
  • Customer-specific requests can be implemented at any time
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