Roof compression system

The roof compression system is used to test the roof structure according to the FMVSS 216a and IIHS (Roof Strength Test Protocol) test regulations, but is also used for numerous, customer-specific special tests.

Depending on the test configuration, the pressure plate can be continuously tilted by two angles, ±25 degrees around the X-axis and ±5 degrees around the Y-axis. The cross laser integrated in the plate at the first contact point enables easy alignment of the pressure plate with the UUT.

All 5 axes are electrically driven and allow extremely precise control via a mobile control unit.

Force measurement is performed as standard with 4 single-axis load cells, each with 250 kN nominal.

The system is characterized by its extremely rigid design, which keeps the system-specific deformations to a minimum. The travel distance, free from the influence of force, can be measured via a separate wire-actuated potentiometer.


  • Compressive and tensile force: 250 kN at 15 mm/s feed rate
  • Stroke: 1000 mm max.
  • Optional: 3-axis load cells
  • Customer-specific special requests can be implemented at any time
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