Big, bigger, pendulum

Crash systems | February 22, 2022

You think big, you get big!

4.4m high and 5.4m long – our bumper pendulum designed for low speed crash tests with up to 15 kph impact speed. Such kind of tests simulate front and rear collisions in road traffic.

Compared to high impact velocities, requirements and test procedures for low-speed collisions have come into focus in recent years, as they have a massive impact on the design of the vehicle front and rear structure.

Low speed tests are performed for the initial insurance classification of passenger cars classification tests of RCAR/AZT and help to improve a vehicle’s damageability and repairability.

Additional requirements regarding the design of the vehicle’s front result from legislation for pedestrian protection and guidelines for the leg impact area.

For a system of this scale, we offer a moderate delivery time of approximately 6 months.