Crash lab: Behind the scenes

Company | May 27, 2024

A crash test takes between 100 and 150 milliseconds, but it takes days to prepare it.

To obtain meaningful and reliable test results in the end, a combination of many factors is crucial. Besides the test vehicle and test equipment, a crash laboratory consists of various indispensable components that make an essential contribution to each test.

The control center monitors and controls the crash tests. Engineers and technicians work here to ensure that all systems function properly and the tests are conducted safely.

In the dummy lab, the dummies are calibrated, maintained, and prepared for their important role. With up to 200 sensors, a dummy electronically detects and communicates what happens to it during a crash.

Static high-speed cameras and several onboard high-speed cameras in the test vehicle – all with HD resolution – document the results of the crash tests.

And not all light is the same. Only the best flicker-free lighting conditions, precisely tailored to the hall conditions and oriented towards a specific test scenario, provide optimal image quality.

The follow-up consists of inspection of the vehicle and dummies, data evaluation and thorough cleaning of the crash lab to ensure safety for the next test.