Company | October 6, 2021

With this bang we end the trade show season of the year! Lots of presentations, exciting topics, and even more exciting live shows – like here at the DUMMY-CRASHTEST CONFERENCE in Münster, Europe’s biggest crash event for dummies and measurement technology.

Dummies make an enormous contribution to greater road safety and are developed with the aim of reproducibly determining measured values. In this live crash, we strapped CTS GmbH’s biofidelic dummy onto our barrier to analyze its behavior from a 360° perspective, while Kistler Group’ THOR 50M-dummy sat in the test vehicle. Due to its design, the materials used and the resulting human-like behavior, the CTS dummy offers an affordable alternative compared to its classic “colleagues”.

Many thanks for organizing the event and a special thanks to the test team at the track, who do a great job every day and prepare such tests to obtain maximally accurate measurement results.