Static rollover

Crash systems | January 27, 2022

At the beginning of the year, a very special system is about to leave our facility. With a maximum rotational speed of 600°/min, it is probably the world’s fastest static rollover. For reference: The static rollovers built so far according to FMVSS vary between 30° – 90°/min; ERA-GLONASS goes one better with 180°/min. ERNST tripled.

The static rollover is used to check the test vehicle for leaking fluids from the battery or fuel tank after the crash. In case of an accident, seconds can therefore be decisive. Due to the impressive rotational speed, our system can be safely moved to the starting position within just a few seconds.

The test bed is not only user-friendly, but also fulfills maximum safety precautions during a test run. Radar sensors, a hydraulic vehicle fixation, individual stepless adjustment of the rotation speed and a height-adjustable pick-up platform – to name just a few.