Service & Consultation

At ERNST, customers have access to a team of highly qualified, experienced employees. Countless crash and test systems from our long-standing company are being employed around the world, many of them for decades. ERNST products are characterized by precision and longevity.

Should a problem arise, ERNST guarantees a short reaction time. In addition, ERNST has years of experience with products from other manufacturers.

Vibration measurements

In most cases, the commissioning and acceptance of our plants include, among other things, so-called vibration measurements. In particular, DIN ISO 10816-1 or VDI 2056 play a decisive role in assessing the vibration characteristics and thus the quality of the test beds.

Causes such as imbalance, misalignment and natural resonance are identified with the help of our measurement systems and appropriate corrective measures are taken.

Due to our long experience in the field of high-speed machines, we are well equipped in this area and, upon request, we also take over commissioning as well as acceptance measurements and maintenance of third-party equipment.

Bearing analysis (FFT)

An assessment of the bearing condition of existing equipment is an essential part of service to avoid unplanned downtime and consequential damage.

In addition to vibration speed, damage frequencies have to be assessed as well. Depending on the rolling bearing used, any damage to the inner and outer rings or rolling elements, for example, can be specified in more detail.

Natural frequency measurement (Modal test)

In addition to the natural frequencies of the system, the modal test determines the damping ratio and the natural modes of the structure. A modal hammer is used to excite the structure. The signal response is provided by an accelerometer located on the structure. The mobile measurement technology makes this measurement tool particularly suitable for on-site measurements. At the same time, the so-called miniature sensors allow measurements in inaccessible places of the machine.

Especially the display of the natural modes has the advantage to modify the measured structure afterwards by FEM-analysis.

Dynamic balancing

Dynamic balancing is a subcategory of vibration measurement. The vibration velocities are filtered with respect to the 1st order and the share that has its origin in the overall system’s imbalance is recorded.

By means of our measuring system, a calculated mass is then applied to the designated location (degree), thus correcting the previously detected imbalance.

This is common practice, especially in the field of electric motor test beds with their wide range of rotational speeds.

Laser alignment of test beds

As rotational speed increases, so does the requirement for the shaft alignment of machines. ERNST uses an optical laser alignment system to accurately measure shaft connections.

In this regard, it does not matter whether two rotating shaft ends are involved or the alignment between a fixed fitting bore and the shaft train is to be checked.

Maintenance of existing machines is part of ERNST’s daily business and is usually carried out directly in connection with vibration measurements.

Laser alignment - Service & consultation - ERNST Prüfmaschinen

Rotor dynamics

The simulation of shaft connections, especially in the range of high speeds above 10,000 rpm, has become an important component during the design phase in order to identify issues such as bending-critical speeds, torsional natural frequencies, etc. at an early stage.

Especially in the case of intermediate bearings developed in-house and manufactured in-house, overhang loads play a decisive role, as they give the test bed operators leeway as to what masses and thus what setups can be realized with our intermediate bearings. In addition to assemblies, entire shaft connections can be simulated, which includes Dyno and DuT as well.

FEM analysis Test Systems

Nowadays, complex models of individual components as well as large overall assemblies are calculated with the help of FEM analyses. The SolidWorks-based software makes it possible to directly integrate design changes to the existing CAD model, thereby ensuring a timely design.

Strength calculations are performed on critical components and natural frequencies of individual components and assemblies are simulated in this regard. This is indispensable, in particular for high-speed applications, and is standard at ERNST.

FEM analysis - Service & consultation - ERNST Prüfmaschinen

On-site service

Our experts are there to assist you. Worldwide, with very short reaction times.

Thanks to a structured network and our ongoing in-house training courses, our customers can rest assured that every ERNST employee is ideally suited to support them on site. Each system is pre-assembled in our own manufacturing facility before being shipped to the customer.

Reassembly at the destination guarantees a smooth process, no matter where in the world.


Our profound, technical understanding as well as our decades of experience in the field of special machine construction enable us to provide sound customer support, from the original idea to the finished product.

We develop and design our systems exclusively ourselves and allow our customers to participate on a permanent basis, so that their experience and feedback can also be incorporated into the development process.


Despite the highest quality of the products and great care on the part of the customer, malfunctions and damage can occur, the short-term elimination of which is our top priority in order to enable a seamless test process.

We have all system-relevant spare parts for an ERNST product permanently in stock, so that our team is ready for immediate use if worse comes to worst.

Maintenance and service

The execution of all maintenance and servicing work is an important component of our scope of services. From the inventory to the determination and calculation of maintenance intervals and to maintenance or repair work.

Our service team is always at your side throughout the entire product life cycle, even if this is known to be a very long one at ERNST.

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Through extensive education and training programs, we explain our products to you down to the smallest detail, so that you can experience maximum added value during daily use.

These actions can take place at the customer’s own company or on-site on ERNST’s premises.

Bearing position maintenance and bearing running-in

Our spindle bearing catalog covers applications from 9,000 1/min up to 30,000 1/min. These are primarily equipped with high-precision spindle bearings. After our in-house installation, the bearing running-in takes place, which is of great importance especially for grease-lubricated bearing arrangements.

The running-in cycle ensures uniform grease distribution in the rolling bearings’ track. This prevents bearing damage, which can occur particularly with high acceleration gradients.

ERNST is therefore in possession of an internal E motor test bed, which is used for the running-in of our spindle bearings. In addition to the running-in, vibration values and bearing temperatures are also checked.

Bearing running-in - Service & consultation - ERNST Prüfmaschinen