Back2Back test bed

Test systems | February 19, 2024

The increasing number of electric vehicles leads to a growing demand for corresponding testing equipment. Conventional test beds for combustion engines are reaching their capacity limits. Unlike combustion engines, electric motors are capable of converting energy in the opposite direction. When an electric vehicle is decelerated, power is fed back into the battery. This now opens up entirely new concepts for testing methods that are comparatively simple and compact to use.

In the so-called back-to-back method, an electric motor drives an identical motor acting as a generator. This special configuration offers high flexibility in conducting tests and measurements. By using two motors, various operating modes can be simulated, including forward and reverse operation, different load profiles, as well as various speed and torque conditions.

By simulating real operating conditions and measuring energy flow in both directions, power, efficiency, and reliability of electric motors can be accurately determined and comprehensively evaluated.